You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re investing in your future.

Not everyone can be an inspector in Oregon.

Did you know? Oregon is a regulated state and each inspector goes through a rigorous process to get a license.

Not every inspector will work weekends.

Unlike other inspectors, I plan to work every Saturday and Sundays if necessary for my client. I want to focus on only one inspection a day, so I am able to give my total attention to the home at hand. A detailed and comprehensive report will be delivered the following morning.

 Not every inspector will focus on you.

I want a customer to walk with me after the inspection & during if they prefer. I’ll always attempt to walk roofs, crawl into crawlspaces, and traverse attics when applicable to give the most comprehensive report for my customers.

Not every inspector will use the latest technology.

I use the latest technology to evaluate a home’s envelope and areas of concern. This would include the use of infrared camera, moisture meters, carbon monoxide tester, digital thermometers & humidity meters where applicable.

Not every inspector will provide follow-up support.

I offer monthly email maintenance tips as they relate to the season since owning a home is a huge responsibility.  A Home Inspection maintenance book is provided after every inspection which includes information on how your home works, how to maintain it, and how to save energy. I want you to feel free to reach out whenever you have a question or issue with your new home.

Let Jefferson Inspections exceed your expectations!

Jefferson Inspections, LLC Owner John

John Jefferson
InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector #18071739
OCHI #2237
CCB #228611

John is an Oregon-Certified Home Inspector and the owner of Jefferson Inspections, LLC. His interest in construction initially started working with his father, who built his own home from the ground up and remodeled multiple homes throughout his life. John took those skills and then spent multiple years working in another family business that focused on all aspects of building a home including roofing, siding, concrete, plumbing & electrical. With John’s experience, he is very comfortable evaluating all areas of a home, giving you peace of mind. When he is not inspecting, John is hanging out with his best friend, Roscoe the super dog!